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Home Comfrey manure

Comfrey manure is a very useful preparation for your garden. Its virtues are endless and it certainly proves to be the most valuable green manure. Less nitrogen-rich that nettle manure, its composition makes it an excellent potash-rich fertilizer, speeding up flowering, fruiting and tuber production. Its richness in minerals compensates many deficiencies. Comfrey contains significant amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron and boron. It provides many trace elements and is freindly to soil microbial life. Comfrey manure is also fatal to aphids and therefore tends to be an effective natural insecticide to protect plants. It is also very popular as a compost activator.

Harvest 1 kg. comfrey leaves, chop and place them in a plastic or wood container, but do not use a metal one. Pour 10 liters of rain or spring water, as chlorine and calcium present in the water network could affect the manure absorption by plants. Your preparation will undergo aerobic decomposition and will ferment in 1 to 4 weeks depending on outside temperature. Stir every 2 days and as soon as you won't see anymore bubbles on the surface, your manure will be ready. Cover your container to prevent insect infestation. Fermentation generates a not so pleasant smell, thus place your container in a remote location. You may then eventually filter the manure with a colander or used stockings.

How to use it ?

Liquid comfrey manure is used diluted to 10% (1 part manure to 9 parts water). You can also spray your leaves. Used pure, it will not burn your plants like nettle manure. In combination, these two preparations become a complex nutrient solution that covers most requirements of plants, much better assimilated by plants than commercially available synthetic products.