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The thousand virtues of garlic

Garlic has antibacterial properties. It is traditionally used since antiquity to fight against infections. In 1858, Louis Pasteur experimentally demonstrated that antibacterial activity on gram-positive bacterias, salmonella and Escherichia coli. This property is due to the presence in garlic of a compound called allicin.


Making warts disappear
To cure a wart, nothing easier than to peel the garlic and put it right on it with a plaster for the duration of the night. Next morning you'll realize that the garlic got translucent and any of its acidity got "drawn" by the wart. To be repeated every night at bedtime on clean hands or feet for an amazing result. After about 10 days, the wart will simply fall off together with it's root.


Removing a tree stump
An effective and totaly environment friendly solution, while also very affordable :  Garlic. This isn't a joke...!
Drill a few holes in your stump (the number depending on its size), slide some peeled garlic cloves in them (one per hole) and then recap with wood filler or clay and optionally earth. By germinating garlic will release a fatal substance to the roots of the stump, thus speeding up it's decomposition. This technique is as effective as the most harmful products !

Alleviate pain of rheumatism, strains, sprains
Place 25 ounces of good quality oil (olive or wheat germ) and 4 crushed cloves of raw garlic in a one liter bottle. Place the tightly closed bottle for a week in a warm place. Then filtrate the extract and rub it once a day on the painful limb.

Sealant for porcelain
Take a peeled head of garlic that you crush in some kind of gum. Rub the broken pieces of china with this gum and bring them together, keeping them attached. Put the piece in a sufficient quantity of milk for it to float and boil for a while. The porcelain is then perfectly glued without any remaining smell of garlic.


Sealant for glass
Crush some garlic cloves with a knife to extract all their juice and mix it to a pinch of powdered plaster. This dough can be useful to stick glass to its metal frame, or even for watch glasses or sunglass lenses.

To replace glue
Rub with garlic clove to glue parts. Adjust and maintain.


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