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Home Gardening tips 3 - Fertilize your garden (continued)
Compost is still part of the base for organic vegetable gardens.

Compost is rich in NPK and other compounds. It is usually best to bring in ripe compost, aged 6 to 9 months in autumn. Dosage should be about 3 kg per m2. Fresh or dried manures are mainly used in autumn when digging. Be careful not to use too fresh manure which could burn the plant roots.


Peat is used to acidify soils with a too high ph and it improves their structure by making them lighter. Marl, chalk and dolomite also naturally serve to correct the acidity of soils and compensate the loss of calcium. Monitor your soils acidity (pH) to determine the amounts to be added by following the instructions provided on packages sold in specialized shops.

Late in the season, do also not forget green manure, plants that grow quickly by significantly covering the ground. In late October, although the vegetative cycle is not yet complete, just seed some plants. Let them have a quick boost and run the mower over them. At last, dig the ground and bury all this plant material into the soil. By rapidly fermenting, this manure will add humus and nitrogen to the structure of your soil. The main plant species that can serve as green manure are mustard, alfalfa, vetch and phacelia.

Perform a rotation of your crops each year. This helps avoiding to deplete your soil.