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Home Gardening tips 2 - Fertilize your garden
It's the gardeners task to maintain or even increase the gardens soil fertility.

An ideal soil should be loose, well drained and contain the elements essential to the growth of your flowers, fruits, vegetables and plants. The three major components of fertilization are nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium.

Nitrogen (symbol N) is appreciated by leafy vegetables. It stimulates the growth (liquid nettle manure is one of the best nitrogen fertilizer). A lack of nitrogen makes itself visible with light green or yellow puny leaves on your plants. If in contrary the supply of nitrogen is too high, foliage will grow well but at the expense of fruit.


WARNING !  Excess of nitrogen can lead to more diseases and provide unwanted nitrates to your vegetables.

Phosphoric acid (symbol P) is especially appreciated by seed and bulb vegetables as well as tomatoes and strawberries (liquid comfrey manure is listed as one of the best such contributions). If your leaves turn dark green, bronze-colored, stained with red or your branches appear stunted and malformed, this means that flowering isn't alright. Flowers will fall, there will be fewer of them and your fruits will be formed lately and with more difficulty.

Potassium (symbol K) is good for root vegetables and fruits. Lack of potassium will appear as brown necrosis on the tips and edges of your leaves (again, liquid comfrey manure is one of the best contributions in potash).