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Home Gardening tips 1 - Create an organic garden
Become an "eco-citizen", grow an organic garden !

To start your first organic garden, it is important to know some basic principles, particularly in terms of plant selection, natural fertilizer, crop rotation and pest treatments.

Like any garden, sun should be generous and location most possibly sheltered from prevailing winds. Avoid locations near water-hungry trees. Once location is chosen, you'll have to choose plants,fruits and vegetables adapted to the region and its climate vagaries. Also don't forget to provide some room for your compost. Garden will have to be devided into squares or flower beds separated by walkways.


It is essential to know which earth category your garden is made of. For example, a sandy soil contains few nutrients and requires a greater input of organic matter like humus or compost. A fat loamy soil rich of microorganisms is the dream of any gardener. A heavier clayey soil will tend to be a little more difficult to operate, but will also be more resistant to drought.

At first, you'll have to weed and spade (up to about 30 cm. deep) the soil, removing any remaining rocks, roots and weeds. Therefore, one of our "Grelinettes" could prove to be of appreciated help to save some efforts to your back.

Your hard work will have made it possible for the ground to be prepared for seeding and planting.