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Adjustable "Acti Griffe" (90 - 110 cm.) with 5 teeth from Duchesnay



Extras :

  • Ergonomic handlebar with 2 GRIP 'CONFORT handles
  • Allows a good grip and good body positioning during use

ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR HEIGHT FROM 90 TO 110 CM.: Allowing use for people of all sizes.

5 teeth : One longer central tooth which doesn't move during rotation, for precise work. Four other teeth at equal distance from the shaft for better efficiency and reduced stress. During rotation, two teeth assume the cutting function and the two others the tear off.

ECOLOGICAL : Allows working the land without mixing the layers and facilitates the development of the microfauna and microflora.

AVOIDS BACK PAIN: By not having to bend down during use.

Art.: P1115


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