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Turning composter

CHF 243.00

Compost the quick and easy way




  • Double fiberglass wall with insulating air cell of 18 mm. for use throughout the year
  • Aeration + integrated drainage
  • Movable structure equipped with wheels
  • Capacity: 140 liters
  • Dimensions: diameter 650 mm., width 625 mm.
  • Comes disassembled
  • Parcel dimensions: 720 x 720 x 400 mm.
  • Curb Weight: 27 kg

Composting is a natural transformation process of organic waste by insects and microorganisms present in air and water. This transformation leads to the production of compost with a high level of humus, therefore useful to improve soil quality. This is a very valuable product for gardeners.

This way, you value up to 30% of the weight of your trash, which helps protect the environment and reduce garbage processing costs.

Your organic waste has first to be sorted and then mixed into your compost with a structurant rich in carbon (sawdust or wood pellets). The composter's rotation mixes the waste and ensures humidity, temperature, and ventilation conditions.

Waste turns into compost in about 10 to 12 weeks for a manual turning composter. (Beware of promises about transformations in about 2 to 4 weeks...)

Art.: P1050